about us

FOOD HUNTER was founded in 2018 by Hunter Resources Sdn Bhd. Oss Tan, our founder, would like himself to be labelled as ANAK KEDAH with partner Mr Lau, Chee Hong, both are born in Alor Star, Malaysia. The idea came from Oss Tan which himself had experienced the instability economic of his own restaurant, finally he figured out a cashless applications which could helped lot of merchants and solve users issues in terms of searching for local foods.

FOOD HUNTER have a straightforward vision. An innovative digital agency based in Alor Star, Kedah with offices which is expanding to whole Malaysia soon. With this in mind, we began to gather people together in September 2020. From there, the group quickly expanded to 16 members. We gather a bunch of talents in cross functional teams to strive for success. Our teams are not only doing the best in their domain, but we will always moving together under goal-oriented culture.


1. Connect merchants and users to search for food in local country effortless

2. To let users enjoy a wonderful dine in experience.

3. Allow users enjoy various kinds of discounts and rebates on their food.

4. Search and compare the real time prices of food and beverage offered by different restaurants.



1. Starting with the local opportunity, growth and impact in every community and country around the world.

2. To grow in a stable pace by providing outstanding services and customer relationships.

3. To be the foodies’s reliable sources for discovering the best local cuisine around the country.



H-appy, we bring happiness to you while providing tasty food

U-nity, we unite the food lover with the local restaurants

N-oteworthy, we pay full attention to our user’s concerns

T-rust, we build relationship between trust with our users

E-njoyment, we hope users enjoy while using our app

R-eward, the more you use our apps, the more rewards you’ll get